The following safety measures are being taken for School, Students and Staff Members:


A workshop on Fire Safety was conducted on 28th January, 2020 by Fire Station, Balkum for the students of std VIII & IX. The session by the Resource person Mr. GirishZalke, Fire Brigade Officer, focused on understanding the basic nature of fire, causes of its breakout and prevention methods. A demonstration and real life training was provided to the students for the practical understanding of the use of fire extinguisher.

Fire Evacuation Mock Drill

Workshop on Health and Hygiene for Girls of Std. VI to VIII by Procter and Gamble


A workshop on ‘Health and Hygiene’was conducted on 31st January, 2020 for the girls of std VI, VII & VIII. The Resource person was Ms. Pushpanjali from Procter & Gamble Ltd. Importance of personal hygiene, understanding menstrual cycle and the use of sanitary napkins for comprehensive cleaning and caring for our body was demonstrated through video clips.The session helped the girls to become more confident and open about addressing an issue of personal hygiene to their guardians.

Road Safety

Workshops on road safety were conducted in the school on 11th January 2018 & 26th July 2018 for Std VII, VIII & IX to sensitize the students towards developing road and civic sense. Mr. Sunil Guge-Police Inspector and his team from Chitalsar Police Station, Mr. Lohi- Deputy Regional Transport Officer and Mr. Gangurde – Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector were the Resource Persons.Children were briefed about the safety rules in India for the vehicle drivers as well as for pedestrians

Workshop on Road Safety

Electricity Safety Workshop

Safe Use of Electricity

Lok Puram Public School observed‘Electric Safety Week from 11th January 2018 to 17th January 2018. Students were motivated to use electricity in a judicious way. A workshop was also conducted on Electric Safety on 12th January 2018 for students of Secondary Section.Mr.B.B Mankhome, Electrical Inspector, Santacruz, Mr. Girish Shirkeand Mr. Chavan, Electrical Inspectors from Wagale Estate were the Resource Persons.

Mock Evacuation Drill

Disaster Management Cell

The school has taken a phenomenal step by being one of the first schools in Thane District to embark upon an ambitious programme of Disaster Management. The Committee conducts various activities for students such as Techniques of First Aid, Mitigation measures in case of disasters at home and school, Listing of Structural & Non – Structural Disasters, Projects on Natural Disasters etc. which are integrated with Social Science Curriculum. A Mass Evacuation Drill was conducted on  28th November 2018 for the entire school to be alert & aware at time of emergency or natural disaster.