Aims & Objectives

Education is a life long journey shaping a student to face real life situations. Our aim is to make this journey fruitful by training the young leaders as the apostles of education. We all know that the education system is passing through the tunnel of change and technology is playing a pivotal role in this change. We, therefore, aim to look into all aspects of student’s growth and promote kinesthetic learning.

With innovative teaching methods, emphasis is laid on the cultivation of all three dimensions of the mind, body and spirit and not on mere cramming. Experiential Learning and Learning by connecting students to real life situations is the aim of the school. Art & Craft, Club activities, Music, Computers, Dance, Sports etc. are part of the curriculum to make learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

Values Of Life

Beside this, the entire school along with its students and staff follow Values Of Life decided month wise for the calendar year. Various activities like Speech, Skit, Elocution, Extempore, Mime are being conducted every month to imbibe values integrated with the curriculum.