The School Clubs function with the overt aim to develop the imaginative faculties of students by encouraging them to give free expression to their ideas through various creative forms. The school has set up four clubs namely Conservation Club, Integrity Club, Health Club and Interact Club. The scheduled activities of the clubs are planned to augment the output of the members of the club and thereby impart these values to the student community as a whole.


Conservation of nature connects us to the world around us, teaching us about both natural and built environments. The club raises awareness of issues impacting the environment upon which we all depend, as well as actions we can take to improve and sustain it. The school has its Mission Statement – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Replenish. The club celebrated Earth Day and World Environment Day on 22nd April 2021 & 5th June 2021 respectively. Following activities were organized on the theme of Conservation of Earth, Water and Energy Resources :

Std VI & VII – Poster making on ‘Green Planet’, Card making by reusing old newspapers, Chart making on ‘ How to keep the water for regular use, clean and safe during monsoon’ and Pamphlet making on ‘Ways to reduce pollution’ .

Std VIII & IX – Slogan writing on ‘Save our Planet’, Survey on neighbourhood flora and fauna and representing it in a flip book, Scrapbook making on ‘Methods of Irrigation’ and Poster making on ‘ Conservation of natural resources’

Std X – Hand paint a T- shirt on the topic ‘Save Earth’, Article writing on ‘Think globally, act locally’, Counting Water Footprint and suggesting ways to save water.



Our students of Std VI to IX, under the CBSE initiative, enthusiastically participated in a ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ conducted on 6th and 7th February, 2022. The aim of the campaign was to direct students in constructive activities to facilitate contributing to the society. Students along with their family members and friends planted the saplings in the vicinity, nearby parks, local areas and their balcony gardens. A total of 180 saplings were planted. Such small yet effective steps taken together by the school and students will surely help in fostering strong social health amongst today’s children by connecting with their peers, their elders, their community and their environment.


Our students of Std I to Std V have actively taken charge of the green brigade of saving and nurturing the environment. Global awareness is the key to taking positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet earth. Hence the Project – ‘Join Hands To Save Environment’ was carried out in the month of February, 2022 through various activities as follows:

I Say No to Plastic Making paper bag
II Nurture Plants Germination of seeds
III Save Water Data collection Worksheet
IV Pollution Data sample collection and research
V Protect Wild Life Slogan Writing and Making Bird Feeder

In advocacy of the idea, ‘Act before it vanishes’, the students practiced the pragmatic concept of ‘Learning by Doing’ by crafting reusable, recyclable and waste products to make paper bags, & bird feeders. Reusable materials like coir, bottles, terracotta products, ice-cream sticks were used by students to make these feeders. Our students extensively researched and collected data on Pollution and wastage of Water due to our negligent attitude towards natural resources.



Integrity is our ability to act in ways consistent with the values, beliefs, and moral principles we claim to hold.The club works to inculcate and foster the values of honesty, patriotism, respect, responsibility and adhering societal norms by celebrating the important National & International Events.

The following activities were conducted on the theme of ‘World Heritage Day’ and 79 years of ‘Quit India Movement’:

Std VI & VII – ‘Understanding Heritage’, a pictorial representation of any one Heritage site of India with brief information & slogan writing.

VIII – Pictographic illustration with information on any one Heritage sites from the neighbouring countries and steps to protect Heritage sites & Collage making on ‘Quit India Movement’.

IX & X – Pictographic illustration with information on any one Heritage sites from the neighbouring countries and steps to protect Heritage sites & Article writing on ‘The significance and impact of Quit India Movement in relevance with today’s time.’


The School health club is a vehicle that empowers pupils to play an active role in deciding and implementing issues related to student’s physical health and wellbeing. The Club also affords the pupils the opportunity to become ‘Agents of Change’ who carry home and translate into action healthy habits and information they learn at school.

Std VI & VII – Collage making or Book mark making on the topic ‘Yoga for health, Yoga at home’. Poster making on ‘Any two diseases common during monsoons, its effect on health and its preventive measures.’ and Chart making on mental health of children and remedies for it.

Std VIII & IX – Health card making representing Height, Weight, Blood group, BMI, List of Vaccines taken, Intake of water per day & Average steps per day and collage making on ‘Ways to battle the season of allergies (monsoons)’ and Album making or Scrap book on ‘Ways to attain good mental health’ OR ‘Key components of mental health’.

Std X – Article writing or Poster making on ‘Building a fairer, healthier world’ or ‘Importance of physical activity and exercise during Covid-19 pandemic’ and chart making on Covid 19 vaccines and its types or contributions of healthcare workers during the pandemic’.



The club organised a Virtual Career Guidance session for the students of Std X on 9th August, 2021. Rotarian J.B Kabra was the resource person. The aim was to help students make more informed educational and career choices and to support the learners to explore different career options, analyze their interests and fortify their strengths


The Inter House activities give all students the opportunity to participate in various co curricular activities with the aim of raising self esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork beyond those already available within school. The School has four Houses namely – Topaz, Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire.

In the Primary Section following online competitions were conducted for the students:
English Recitation, Hindi Recitation, Fancy Dress and Poster making.

Following Online Competitions were organized for the students of Secondary Section:
English Elocution Competition, Solo Dance (Semi Classical), Debate, Patriotic Song Competition & Newspaper Designing. The competitions were adjudged by following eminent parent judges as well as outside judges:

● English Elocution Competition for Std VIII & IX was judged by Mrs.Shilpa Bhalerao (M.A English), Mrs.Manisha Bhatia (M.A English, B.Ed) and for Std X was adjudged by Mrs.Hemambika (M.A English, B.Ed) & Ms. Alphonsa (M.A English, B.Ed).

● Solo Dance competition for Std VI &VII was judged by Mrs.Snehal & Mrs.Shah.

● Debate Competition for Std VIII & IX was judged by Ms. Binu Babu (M.A English, B.Ed), Mr. Jochan Joseph (M.A English, B.Ed) and for Std X by Mrs. Nirmala Philipose (M.A English, B.Ed) & Ms. Asha Selvakumar (M.A English, B.Ed).

● Patriotic Song Competition for Std VI &VII was judged by Mrs. Aditi Sen (B.A Honors English, Visarad from Sangeet Research Academy)) & Mrs. Preeti Patwardhan (Visarad from Khairagad University MP).

● Newspaper Designing Competition for Std X was judged by Mrs. Manjusha Bapat(MSc, B.Ed) & Mr. Sachin More (Dip, A.Ed, B.F.A in Fine Art) .

● Quiz Competition was conducted for Std X , IX & VIII .

● Hindi Kavita Pathan for Std VI & VII was judged by Mrs. Seema Pradeep Halwai (MA Hindi, MPED) & Mrs. Arti Ajit Yadav (D.Ed, B.Ed,MA Hindi).


Values of the Month on the following topics are being nurtured during the morning assembly through story lines and speeches:

April The Power of Optimism
May Kindness Beautifies Life
June Discipline and Freedom are Two Sides of the Same Coin
July Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
August Tolerance and Respect For Others
September Honesty and Integrity
October Self Help is the Best Help
November Truth Always Prevails
December Showing Gratitude
January Believe in Your Ability
February Empathy is the Need of the Hour
March Sincerity and Hard Work are Key to Success