The School firmly believes that Co-Curricular activities supplement the academic curriculum to develop creative and collaborative skills of our students. The school has set up four clubs namely Conservation Club, Integrity Club, Health Club and Interact Club. Each Club functions according to its planned schedule.


The Conservation Club asserts the importance of ‘Learning to live sustainably’ by empowering students to take up meaningful environmental projects. The Mission Statement of the school is ‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Replenish’.

Following are the activities taken up for the academic year 2022 – 2023:


To celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April 2022, the Club observed Earth Day week from 18th April to 23rd April 2022. Children from Std VI to X participated enthusiastically and also delivered speeches. A melodious song on the need of environmental monitoring was rendered.

Following class wise activities were organised:

Std VI & VII – Bookmark Making or Card Making by reusing old newspapers on the topic ‘Green Planet’ & Pictorial Chart making with information on ‘How to Keep Water Clean and Safe during Monsoons’ or Collage making on ‘Endangered Acquatic Species and Extinct Aquatic Animals,.

Std VIII & IX – Slogan writing or Poster Making on ‘Our Planet Has No Alternative’ & Prepare an Accordian on ‘ Methods of Irrigation’.

Std IX & X – Hand paint a T-shirt or a Bag on the topic – ‘Save Earth’, Article writing on – ‘Think globally, act locally’& Count your Footprint and Suggest ways to ‘Save Water and List the Total Amount of Water Usage for a Day’, or Chart Making on the topic ‘Rain Water Harvesting’.


The Health Club creates awareness among students for maintenance of good physical and mental health. Students are sensitized regarding health, nutrition and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle through the following activities:

Std VI & VII – Collage making on ‘Importance of Yoga and Meditation’ & Chart Making on the topic ‘Eating Healthy and Nutrition during Monsoon’.

Std VIII & IX – Health Card Making representing various Asanas & Poster Making on ‘Monsoon Health Care Tips’.

Std X – Article Writing/ Poster Making on ‘Need of Healthier Life’ & Making Art Journal on ‘Medicinal Herbs’.


The Club works to imbibe values of integrity, patriotism and honesty amongst students by celebrating the important National – International Events & Commemorating National Heroes.

Std VI & VII – A study on Konark Temple in Odisha, Representation of its location, its cultural significance and sticking pictures & writing a Short Poem or Paragraph on Kargil Warriors with pictures & writing Poems and slogans on Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav or Collage on National Leaders.

Std VIII – Collecting brief information on the mountain Railways of India and making an accordian & Pictorial chart on Quit India Movement depicting the course of movement, Role of Gandhiji and significance & making Accordion on ‘Achievements of India in the field of Science, Space and Agriculture.’

Std IX & X – Research and collecting information about the steps taken by the Government to conserve National Parks and represented five National Parks and Bird Sanctuary on the political map of India , Poster Making on ‘Tribute to Kargil Warriors’, Significance and Consequences of Kargil War & Collecting information on unsung Heroes & Chart making on ‘Achievements in the field of Art and Culture’ & ‘Revival of Ancient Indian Achievements in Science, Medical and Literary Field’.


The installation ceremony of the Interact Club was held on 21.07.22.A workshop on ‘Eco Friendly Ganesha’ for Interact Club members of Std VIII and IX on the 23rd of August 2022.

The club organised a Workshop on Career Guidance for the students & parents of Std X on 26.08.22 & 27. 08.22 respectively. Rotarian J.B Kabra was the resource person. It was designed to assist students & parents in better career decision making by identifying their potential. It was followed by an Aptitude Test for the students of Std X on 28.08.2022.


The Inter House activities inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among students within school.There are four Houses in the school – Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz. To provide a platform to students to participate & represent individually or in a team with the aim of raising self esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork, various competitions are held round the year.


Following competitions were organized for the students of Secondary Section:

Elocution Competitionfor Std VI & VII was conducted on 23. 06. 22. It was adjudged by Mrs. Chandramala Pradhan (M.A & Mphil Sociology) & Mr. Rakesh Junagade (Diploma and B.E in Mechanical Engineering)

Display Board Competition for Std VIII, IX & Std X was held on 6. 07.22. Judges for the event were Mrs. Pushpa Thakur and Mr. Sachin More.

Extempore Competition was conducted for Std VIII & IX on 22. 07.22 & for Std X on 23.07.22. The judges for the event were Mrs.Lekha Jaydeep Joshi (BHMS) & Mr. Anand Lakshmanan (PGDBA) for Std VIII , IX & Mrs. Satyajodha S. Kaushik (B.Sc, M.Sc & B.Ed) & Dr. Poornima Mahesh (B. Tech, M.Tech & Ph.D) for Std X.

Patriotic Song Competition for Std VI & VII was held on 29.07.22. It was judged by Mrs. Prajakta Malkhedkar and Mrs. Papia Sur (M.A Music & Sangeet Visharad)

Value Based Miming for Std VI & VII was conducted on 18.08.22. It was adjudged by Mrs. Uma Ganesh (, B.Ed) & Mrs. Manisha Dhapre ( Coordinator, Pre Primary section)

Hindi Elocution Competition for the students of Std VI & VII was conducted on 10.09.2022. It was adjudged by Mrs. Preeti Kesharwani (M.A in Social Science) & Mrs. Atima Trivedi, the School Resource Person.

Quiz Competition for Std. X and Std VIII & IX was conducted on 23.9.2022 & 29.9.22 respectively.


Our tiny tots of the Primary section of Std I to V also participated enthusiastically in various Inter House Competitions organised for them.

Following are the Competitions:

English and Hindi Handwriting Competition was conducted on 11.04.2022 & 18.04.2022 respectively, English Recitation Competition on 05.07.2022 & Hindi Recitation Competition on 08.08.2022 was conducted for Std I & II.

English Recitation Competition on 08.07.2022, Drawing & Colouring Competition on 21.07.2022, Hindi Recitation on 06.08.2022 & Patriotic Group Competition on 12.08.2022 was conducted for Std III, IV & V.


Dodge Ball Competition for Std IV & V boys and girls was conducted in the month of April, 2022.

Chess Competition for Std IV & V boys and girls was conducted in the month of July, 2022.

Carrom Competition for Std III, IV & V boys and girls was conducted in the month of August, 2022.

DodgeBall competition for Std VI ,VII, VIII & IX girls & Box Cricket for Std VIII & IX boys was conducted in the month of April, 2022.

Chess Competition for Std VI to X boys and girls was conducted in July, 2022.

Carrom Competition for Std VI to X boys and girls was conducted in the month of August, 2022.

Football Competition for Std VIII, IX & X boys and girls was conducted in the month of October.

Throwball Competition for Std VI & VII boys & girls was conducted in the month of October 2022.


Students speak on the following topics every day in the Morning Assembly to imbibe good values and morals.

Month Value
April Gratitude to Warriors and Social Workers
May Change – Way of Life
June Yoga – The Health Booster
July Adaptability- New Normal
August My India, My Pride
September Focus – The Key to Success
October Acceptance, Tolerance, Respect
November School Mission – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse & Recover
December Respect and Kindness for Old and Aged
January Dream to Believe and Belief is to Achieve
February Collaboration and Team Work is Need of the Hour
March Time Management