Principal’s Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Education in the global scenario does not alone require chiseling or polishing young minds but it requires meaningful learning of a child as every child is capable of learning. The school is basically a child-friendly platform which ensures every child an environment that is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling. The school recognizes, encourages and supports children’s growing capacities as learners by providing a school culture, teaching behaviours and curriculum content that are focused on learning and the learner. We promote democratic learning methods wherein students express their own opinions and ideas without restraint. We aspire to develop a learning environment in which children are motivated and able to learn. .

Since we aim for child centric education, our effort lies in deriving support, participation, collaboration and involvement of parents all the time, be it in academics, activities or in healthy development of the child socially, culturally, morally and psychologically. We as educators need parents’ help and partnership to make this happen. Children benefit greatly when parents take an active role in their child’s education. It has been proven that when students have parental support at home, they enjoy their learning and school life even more. Students’ attitude and perception of school improves as they develop more self-confidence in their road to becoming life-long learners and valid contributors to our community.

Besides being committed to academic excellence and providing education for all round development, another special characteristic of our school is the appreciation of the worth of the each student.We truly believe the development of the whole person, and this is evident in our promotion of extra- and co-curricular activities. Our budding scientists, athletes, performing and literary artists have been achieving phenomenal success at all levels of competition. We initiate to transform power of leadership. We have time and time again found that by giving responsibility to students, they prosper in terms of leadership skills and self-confidence. Beside this, we desire that our students to build up the qualities of compassion and resilience through Life Skill lessons: the qualities that will help them become fulfilled citizens. In addition, motivational training given to needed students on regular basis by our School Counselor, enhances the concentration and spirit of learning in them.

These qualities have placed Lok Puram School on the forefront. Over the years, the school has steadily reflected a spirit of innovation in response to need, and has broadened its educational mission by creating various Clubs such as Conservation Club, Integrity Club, Science & Health Club, Interact Club etc. which has further inculcated a healthy spirit of competition and strong bonds of unity, conducive to national integration

In our endeavor to foster excellence in our students, we engage them to imagine, observe and research through Annual Science & Maths Exhibitions, Field Trips, and Workshops. They are also given ample opportunity to assess their stand and prove their edges by participating in various Inter House and Inter-School Competitions at District, State, National and International levels.

The school is also working towards its recent “Mission Statement”- Conservation through 4 R’s i.e Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Replenish. The school integrates its programs accordingly to complement its Mission Statement.

The school is known for teacher capacity, morale and commitment. Teachers are the single most important factor in creating an effective and interactive classroom. They imbibe values, to promote confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills, leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. In other words, Lok Puram School offers comprehensive and holistic education.

With warm regards

Dr.(Mrs.)Lipika Chandra