Club activities are complementary to academic education. In other words, academic education is incomplete without co-curricular club activities. Club activities in school benefit one in multiple ways by developing comprehensive and integrated self. In order to keep the children involved and updated at home during this pandemic situation, several activities were planned & executed online by the school Conservation Club, Health Club, Integrity Club and Interact Club for the students of Std VI to X.


Conservation Club brings in awareness about the management of the human use of natural resources to provide the maximum benefit to current generations while maintaining the capacity to meet the needs of future generations. The club organised following activities on the theme of Conservation of Resources :

Std VI – Chart Making on How to keep the water clean and safe during monsoons, Album Making on ‘My Energy Forms’& Collage Making on ‘How to Conserve Aquatic Life Forms.’

Std VII & VIII – Collage Making on ‘Ways to Conserve Water’, Chart Making on ‘Safety Tips to Keep Safe from Electric Hazards’, ‘Need of the hour- Soil Conservation.’

Std IX & X – Article writing , Case Study and Poster Making on Conservation of Groundwater & Ways to Reduce its Contamination , The Benefits and Application of Renewable Sources of Energy, Depiction of Different types of Renewable Sources of Energy on the Map of India.



Health Club in schools favourably influence the habits’, attitude and knowledge (physical, emotional, mental and behavioural) relating to an individual and community. The club aims at training the students towards the attainment of optimum health. The motto of ‘Healthy Life, Healthy Mind’ for our students was taken up by the Club through the following activities :

Std VI – Preparing a balanced daily diet plan for ten consecutive days covering all the meals in a day, Chart making on ‘Drill and its importance’ & Chart Representation to show ‘How to maintain your health.’

Std VII & VIII – Draw, stick pictures and write symptoms and preventions of any two diseases which are generally faced by human beings during monsoon, Chart Representation through pictures and write-ups on ‘Effects of Exercise, Yoga and Meditation on Health’ & Article on the topic – ‘Best Ways of keeping our Environment Healthy.’

Std IX & X – Article Writing on the ‘Impact of Monsoon on the Spread of Coronavirus’, ‘Impact of Corona Pandemic on the Society’ , Newsletter on Health & Article Writing on the topic ‘Freedom from Drug and Alcohol Abuse’ and ‘Social Support in Mental Health Promotion.’



The Club fosters patriotism and community feelings by celebrating the important National – International Events & Commemorating National Heroes.

In the 78th year of Quit India Movement, students participated in the following activities:

Std VI & VII – Prepare a record of local leaders of any one state who struggled for independence, Writing about the concept of Gandhiji’s three monkeys, Making statues of Gandhiji’s three monkeys.

Std VIII – Article Writing on the significance of Quit India Movement or a Flow Chart on the significance of Quit India Movement & Quotes and Posters on the great work done by Mahatma Gandhi.

Std IX & X – Article on the Impact of ‘Do or Die’ Slogan on masses and its effect on the freedom struggle & Mahatma Gandhi’s views on Peace and Non-Violence.

9th December 2020 was celebrated as the International Anti Corruption Day through following activities:

Std VI & VII – Writing slogans on Anti -Corruption

Std VIII & IX – Chart depicting strategies to oppose corruption.

Std X – Article Writing on – How does Corruption affects Human Rights and Measures to prevent Corruption.



The club organised a Webinar on Career Guidance for the students of Std X on 18th July 2020. Rotarian J.B Kabra was the resource person.


Inter-House activities are a major pastoral and extra-curricular side of the school which develops students’ social, team-work and organisation skills. Inter-House competitions foster awareness of each other and a sense of being part of a team through fair play and collaborative working, finding grace in defeat and magnanimous in victory & support others and take pride in their efforts. The School has four Houses namely – Topaz, Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire. In the Primary Section Online Hindi Recitation & Poster Making Competition was conducted for the students .

Following Online Competitions were organized for the students of Secondary Section:

Solo Singing Competition, Newspaper Designing, Elocution Competition, Quiz ,Debate and Hindi Kavita Pathan Competition. The competitions were adjudged by following eminent parent judges as well as outside judges:

  • The judge for Newspaper Designing Competition was –Mr. Ravindra Sawant (Dip. A.Ed, BFA-Drawing & Painting), A.T.D
  • English Elocution Competition for Std VIII & IX was adjudged by Mrs. Veena Manish(M.A English. B.Ed) and for Std X was adjudged by Mrs. Sabita Shinde
    (M.A English, B.Ed) & Mrs. Avani Thakkar(B.Com. MBA-HR)
  • The judge for English Debate Competition was Mrs.Sandhya Prasad Kodethur(M.A English, B.Ed)
  • The judge for Hindi Kavita Pathan for Std VI & VII was Mrs. Nandita Sharma (M.A in Hindi. B.Ed, Diploma in Guidance & Counselling)
  • English Elocution Competition for Std VI& VII was adjudged by Ms. Asha Selvakumar(M.A in English Literature ) and Mrs. Neelam Shelar(M.A in Philosophy, B.Ed)


JULY Self Help Is the Best Help
AUGUST Balancing Online and Offline Studies
SEPTEMBER Benefits of Meditation, Yoga & Physical Activities
OCTOBER Emotional Management & Developing Emotional Skills
NOVEMBER Zero Wastage & Optimum Utilization Of Resources
DECEMBER Count Your Blessings
JANUARY Empathy & Service to Community
FEBRUARY Adaptability & Contentment
MARCH Time Management